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Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness


Released in 2019
Reviewed February 13 2019

Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness

When Yak debuted with 2016's Alas Salvation, it felt like their guts and instincts were the primary force behind it. Talent and craft notwithstanding. At least for the first few songs. Like they came stumbling onto the stage and just went for it. But they were fast learners. By the halftime mark, with 'Take It' and later 'Smile', they were suddenly a fully realised, pumping, swinging monster.

Surely a hard one to follow. So where are they now?

Their songs are still either punk-y or boogie-y or pop-y. Only with less intensity. As if the previous achievement has made them wary and cautious, while they still try to push for energy. The result is an album of good rather than great. Let's hope for more risk in the future.

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