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Wolf Alice
Visions Of A Life


Released in 2017
Reviewed November 26 2017

Visions Of A Life

This album is quite a journey. It starts rather clumsily with 'Heavenward'. It's not a bad song, but it will support anyone claiming that Wolf Alice are overrated. And then 'Yuk Foo'. My god. I've now listened to it a dozen times at least, and I still can't bring myself to like it. I try to think kindly about it. But it's still that costume in which Wolf Alice seem unable to look comfortable.

So, kind of a bumpy start. Where does it go from there? My god again.

With these duties behind them, it's as if Wolf Alice start living the life they want to live, being the band they want to be and know how to be. Each and every song is either a powerful triumph or a welcome breath of air.

Wolf Alice are a bit hard to grasp at first—being a rock band, but valuing slightly different things than your ordinary British young rock band. Things like sounding heavy and being tight. Yet they're still quite poppy. Again, can be hard to grasp, but once it clicks, it's highly addictive. And when it all ends in the fuming ashes of the title track, you're left breathless.

Impressive stuff.

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