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Wolf Alice
My Love Is Cool


Released in 2015
Reviewed June 24 2015

My Love Is Cool

When an album gets as much praise as this (three top scores so far at Any Decent Music), suspicion is easily followed by fear. Am I missing something here? Is this the final nail in the coffin? Am I officially old?

Wolf Alice are easily misunderstood. When bands are lauded as generation-defining, they tend to do simple punk rock with just a different energy than the ones before. (Think Libertines.) But Wolf Alice are not about that. They're just good. Good at writing songs. Less posing and more composition.

Their music is a mix of any slightly melodic, slightly energetic molecule to come out of pop music the last thirty years (you need to go beyond the nineties to catch the Bangles vibe). I wouldn't go as far as saying they make it their own (don't need to), but they sure make it work.

If there's one thing that can explain any sense of very-close-but-not-quite, it's perhaps a missing scratch in the varnish. A little danger. As others have pointed out, the album's apparent lack of direction is actually just an abundance of ideas. So it's not that. They're just too damn good. If they let go, could they go from great to magic? More, please.

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