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White Reaper
White Reaper Does It Again


Released in 2015
Reviewed August 21 2015

White Reaper Does It Again

Sometimes it's better to reinvent the wheel than to come up with a new kind of cog. White Reaper are obviously no strangers to pop history. But they still manage to sound fresh and warranted, with their garage pop'n'roll. They couldn't sound like that before punk, but still they have this fifties ring to them (check out the brilliant 'Candy' for a sample). And thankfully they don't appear like magpies or amalgam, although they arguably are a bit of both.

I still believe they have further potential. Like The Young Knives (who they resemble not so much musically, but in operating well under tight constraints) their music lends itself to real hits. If this album leaves me with a slight feeling of unfulfillment, it's exactly that. That they could grow out of their garage and into a posh concert hall full of screaming teenage girls.

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