Line 3

Heads Up


Released in 2016
Reviewed October 10 2016

Heads Up

I've begun to think Warpaint are easily misunderstood. Of course nobody else is to blame than themselves. It's just so easy to bracket them as bleak drone rock, and then dismiss them as too bleak and not enough drone. Claiming they're posing and then blaming them for not being genuine.

With this album they've talked about being more immediate in the studio. But don't get fooled by 'New Song'. Yes it's a thinly disguised pop song, but not the prime example of looseness—it's rather calculating. Listen to 'Whiteout', or 'The Stall', or 'Above Control'. Songs with a lot of things going on, and that strange thing you can only call a groove.

It's an album that rewards repeated listening, on headphones if you like. Maybe more immediate is not the best way to put it. But more relaxed, sure. After a while, it's actually a lot of fun. Not something you'd expect.

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