Line 3

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Sex & Food


Released in 2018
Reviewed May 3 2018

Sex & Food

Wow. When this album kicks in properly on its second track and first real song 'Major League Chemicals', you're convinced UMO have finally nailed it. Their signature bedroom cross-history style is still there, only with a few twists. A more open sound. Funky leanings. A desire, as Ruban Nielson has stated in recent interviews, to be silly and intuitive.

It's a dense package, and in a fragile moment you begin to wonder if it's too much. Imagine being a friend of King Midas. At first you're obviously awestruck by seeing ordinary objects turning to gold. Slowly, the extraordinary becomes ordinary, then tiresome.

I won't let the metaphor go completely, but let's not forget it's actually gold. In a land of nuggets you might tolerate some theatrics.

And if the sparkling electric piano of 'Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays' doesn't bring a smile to your face, there's really nothing UMO can do to help.

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