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The Little Hands Of Asphalt
Half Empty


Released in 2020
Reviewed May 6 2020

Half Empty

Around the time when this website (or rather its forefather in Norwegian) began to build, I lived by myself and had a kind of Saturday ritual. It consisted of going to the local record store in central Oslo to pick up a weekly fix, then digesting it with coffee and crossword puzzles. (I was 73 years old at the time.)

Fast forward and I find myself in a sleepy suburb. A guy lives a few houses away, and he is both a former employee in said record store and, more importantly, now disguising as The Little Hands of Asphalt.

Half Empty is definitely a solo album. At its best strong in form and coherence. At its weakest when demanding energy and exploration. Or rather, when you feel its songs could have benefitted from being massaged by a full band. Opener 'Begin Again' is proof that energy and weight does not always come from muscle.

In the end it's the silent force and an attention to melody and details that win. The songwriter prevails over the singer, if you like.