Line 3

The Beths
Future Me Hates Me


Released in 2018
Reviewed September 12 2018

Future Me Hates Me

Yeah! Yet another indie band with an indifferent attitude making seemingly catchy songs! Yet drowning in their own indifference being exactly that: not different.


The Beths might sound generic at first, but there's more. Maybe it's about coming from a country that doesn't flood the airwaves and having to struggle a bit? Maybe it's a will to work on proper songs? Or letting songs evolve beyond version 1.0?

Understanding why is not that important. With songs like 'Not Running' and 'River Run: Lvl 1' they're living proof that simple pop can be made by anyone at any time and still feel fresh. They're perhaps not the next big thing, but for me they're certainly the current thing.