Line 3

Tame Impala
The Slow Rush


Released in 2020
Reviewed March 3 2020

The Slow Rush

With The Slow Rush Kevin Parker balances the score between his albums. Psych rock 2 – Slick disco 2. So you can't long for the past anymore, or claim to have discovered Tame Impala in their true state. (Even though nostalgia is very much alive.)

What you can do, however, is be picky about the material you're being served. Please keep in mind that Kevin Parker can knock out a sweet-sounding twirl of a song in his sleep (he probably does). You aim higher. You expect greatness.

For an album so apparently slick, The Slow Rush demands surprising amounts of attention. You may choose to treat it as background music, and it responds accordingly. Lukewarm waves moving back and forth on sand fine enough for hourglasses. Vocals so detached they barely reach you. Or direct your attention to any detail, every note interacting with every note, every pulse and beat. And find pure joy.

It's definitely good. But too long, too keen to not seem too keen. Rather than a new point to either team next time, let's hope for a game changer.

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