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Self Esteem
Compliments Please


Released in 2019
Reviewed March 31 2019

Compliments Please

Compliments Please is the solo debut of Rebecca Taylor / Self Esteem. It's an ambitious record, if anything. Ambitious, but also insecure. If the title can sound a little cocky, its depth is lost. Demanding praise for a finished product is one thing, but given the nature of this album, it's more likely the compliments should come from a friend popping by the studio and listening to the demos.

Over 16 songs and 49 minutes, Taylor explores different angles and approaches, determined to make the perfect, empowered pop hit. Explores, or attemps, depending on your attitude. There are enough ideas and sketches here for a whole career. The perfect demonstration of too much of a good thing. She's certainly onto something. Now it just needs to be finished.