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Run The Jewels
Run the Jewels 3


Released in 2016
Reviewed February 19 2017

Run the Jewels 3

Two temptations: First, make a big point of comfort zones and this being different from the music I usually listen to and all that. (To be clear: This is a rap album, quite different from the anemic indie I usually treat my ears to.) Second, to get that quickly out of the way and talk about music as music.

Maybe I need both. The latter is too naïve and the former too predictable. Or none. They're both tedious.

Run The Jewels fill you with the same empowerment and swagger you get from, say, 'Ace of Spades'. Or 'Stairway to Heaven'. It's an emotion caused by evident quality, by people attempting to move you, and succeeding.

It really doesn't have to be harder than that.