Line 3

Purity Ring


Released in 2012
Reviewed October 13 2012


It's hard not to describe this album as sweet-sounding. By that I mean of course that it has pleasing sounds in it, more specifically waves of smooth, pulsing synths and crisp percussion. I call it waves because it has this quality of just pushing along, never ever shouting or bragging, but still insisting, calling again and again. It's like the quiet girl in your class who's just there, all the time. Only in a good way.

But it's also sweet in the sense of cute. There's the sugary vocals of Megan James, admittedly indebted to Karin Dreijer Andersson, but not to the extent of sounding like a copycat. There's the icing that makes it all sound very coherent, played and acted out in the same space.

Slightly outside of my comfort zone, but there's always room for something good. And this is really a pretty good album.

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