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Purity Ring
another eternity


Released in 2015
Reviewed March 9 2015

another eternity

Since hearing Purity Ring for the first time, their debut album Shrines has grown on me immensely. So it is with no little expectation I unwrapped (yeah, virtually, of course) this lower-case-only little present.

There have been a few tracks flying about, and to be honest, lowering expectations. It seemed as if all the things that made Shrines great, were gone in a haze of commercial dance. There was a kind of weirdness, a compact interplay between beats and vocals, that made them stand apart. Not so much of that this time. So what's left?

Another Eternity is a different affair. At first more ordinary, simpler. But also more spacious and delicate. You could say beautiful. As second albums go, it's the Open Season to its older Decline sibling (if you'll excuse the British Sea Power reference). It's always difficult when bands you like, take on a different course. Still the same band, of course, but you have to decide whether you want to follow or dismiss.

It's follow for now. The eternity in question is one floating in all the air that was compressed out of Shrines. A collection of interesting and sometimes pretty moments, small vocal phrases, a rave-ish glass pipe synth you might write off as mere irony. To lower the threshold, start mid-album with 'Stranger Than Earth'.

You can always go back to Shrines for a thrill. But with these two albums under their belt, Purity Ring are building a proper career.

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