Line 3



Released in 2019
Reviewed July 17 2019


The best defense is a good offense, they say. So before you accuse Lowly of being pretentious, fancy or pompous, please look up the meaning of Hifalutin. It means just those words. (I'm sure it's also a village on Iceland or the Faroe Islands, by the way.) They really got us there, didn't they?

So the guard has been let down. Following up a good if a little pompous debut, what does Pompous … er, Hifalutin … has to offer?

In many ways, it is a more pretentious album than its predecessor. More «difficult». But for all its introversion, it's a more inviting album. Rather than insisting, it makes you curious. Maybe because drums have moved from centre stage to give way to a piano. Maybe it's just more relaxed. Either way, everybody wins.

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