Line 3



Released in 2017
Reviewed July 17 2019


Imagine that for some bizarre, magical reason, the world split in two sometime between 1997 and 2000. Listeners of pop music will know this period as the hiatus between OK Computer and Kid A. The time when Radiohead wandered around scratching their heads, thinking about how to follow up OK Computer artistically without becoming even more popular. Apparently, they told themselves to turn things upside down, and start making ugly music in order to distance themselves from their least loyal fans. (I know that's not the case, but it works well within my little story.)

But hold on, there was a second world. Similar to the first, but with one crucial difference: The soul of OK Computer was not destroyed. It survived, in horcruxes for all I care, for nearly twenty years. Until Danish band Lowly found it and swallowed it.

The result was the song 'Word', from their 2017 debut album Heba. It's so Radiohead, it's uncanny. But in a good way.

Oh, the rest of the album? Similar. A little too keen on being grandiose and atmospheric and rhythmically complex, but a really, really nice new acquaintance.

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