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Let's Eat Grandma
I, Gemini


Released in 2016
Reviewed January 16 2019

I, Gemini

Imagine you have an old keyboard gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. You're not entirely sure how much of an instrument it is, and how much of a toy. Either way, you're not able to make it do cool things. Then a friend pops by. She clicks a few buttons, twists a few knobs. And suddenly, just as you're about to make her stop, this wonderful song appears.

To make this happen, she must have a natural way with instruments, or anything able to make a musical sound. And she must have a natural way with music itself, an inclination to make songs when others just make odd sounds.

Then your friend has a friend. They both do magic. Not hitlist-rocking magic, but you-had-to-be-there magic.

(We've come to the point when I announce that this review, of Let's Eat Grandma's debut album, was written after the one about their second album, I'm All Ears.)

Not everything about this album is great. But it oozes promise and potential and playfulness. (For the latter, see the ridiculous rap well into 'Eat Shiitake Mushrooms'.) There are moments when you might actually prefer its impulse-driven pursuit of anything that might have popped into their heads, not to mention its calmness allowing any idea to be fully explored. Anyway, it's a historical fact that even greater things followed. Now I'm just waiting for what might happen next.

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