Line 3

Just Mustard


Released in 2018
Reviewed June 14 2019


My geeky side sometimes likes to indulge in over-analysing a band name. Just Mustard? You can go at least three ways.

First: Condiment only. Too much secret sauce and no dish. As in: Hollow. Style over substance.

Second: Fair mustard. Well, doesn't make sense.

Third: Just mustered. As in: Barely hanging together. Barely able to breathe.

Of course it's mostly just a nice soundbite. But there's something about the edginess and nerve implied by the third one that might actually apply. Their bass-driven post-rock would be less charming if they kept beating their chests instead of gazing at their shoes.

The album has instant appeal, and even depths to be discovered. What's not to like? Start with 'Pigs' if you like.