Line 3

Hundred Waters


Released in 2017
Reviewed November 27 2017


The Moon Rang Like a Bell. Or at least that's what Hundred Waters wanted you to believe with their previous album title. Something pretty with an interesting sound.

Communicating has the prettiness cranked up to 11, so much so that the myriad of sonic twists and turns that featured so prominently last time round, has given way to grand piano ballads and soulful gospel chant. For anyone expecting sonic fireworks, it's a bit confusing. Unfulfilling, even.

If this album has a project on its own, climax can probably be found in 'At home & in my head', starting fragile and building up, up, up. It's a fine display of their broader palette. The rest of the songs tend to be monochrome in comparison.

So I'm caught in my own expectations? Sure. I was hoping for a very different output.

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