Line 3

In Plain Sight


Released in 2019
Reviewed July 16 2019

In Plain Sight

With 2016's Babes Never Die, Honeyblood made two things clear: First, Stina Tweeddale knows how to write an indie/pop/punk song. Second, that changing the drummer in a drum/guitar duo has great effect (this time for the better).

With third album In Plain Sight comes a new lineup again. But instead of recruiting yet another drummer, Stina has gone solo. It was kind of there all along. So where does this take Honeyblood?

There's plenty of ambition, and sometimes you get where Stina's going, sometimes not. The overall impression is one of unfulfillment—as if these new songs more than the ones before need a full band to shine. Which leaves you feeling you hold a collection of demos rather than a proper album from an established artist.

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