Line 3

Great News


Released in 2018
Reviewed August 21 2018


When a band suprises you with a ferocious live show, it's always interesting to see how much of that energy remains on record. The default ratio of live versus recorded energy is usually disappointing. Well, here's some, ahem, great news: Great News have done it. First, there's plenty of punch and bounce. Second, it's a true studio album, not just a recorded live sound, but a well crafted, proper album.

If this sounds a bit old-fashioned, well, it is. Great News sound timeless, not easily put in one historical phase, but with a clear 80's tinge, mostly in the guitar department. In the end, though, it's just pop music.

If this album weeded out a few less interesting numbers, it could be a classic debut album. With what we get, there's still plenty to enjoy. Start with 'Make Me Feel' and work up a groove.