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Goat Girl
Goat Girl


Released in 2018
Reviewed April 23 2018

Goat Girl

If you throw me a bone, then I'll throw back a sharp stone. Or: If you take me home, then you'll end up alone.

It's as easy as that. Don't get too close, or Goat Girl will bite you.

The inherent anger is not obvious in the music of Goat Girl. You could imagine some quick, rushed punk. Or something really abrasive. But it's more like throwing cobblestones with silk gloves. And a little swing to the hip.

Over the course of 19 songs / 40 minutes, Goat Girl manage to bore and amaze. There are songs that feel like perfectly formed classics that have been around forever ('Cracker Drool', 'Lay Down' and 'Throw Me a Bone' can serve as examples, with 'Slowly Reclines' as bonus track) and songs that merely complete the album. A real accomplishment, still with a little promise left.