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Girl Ray
Earl Grey


Released in 2017
Reviewed August 28 2017

Earl Grey

Stupid puns between album title and band name are a rare treat. And they inspire reviewers to take it even further: «Girl Ray, with their album Earl Grey, have a limited repertoire, mastering only a few syllables. Their permutations are tiring in the long run.» That sort of thing. Even more stupid than the pun they're spawned from.

This is Girl Ray's first album. They do have a rather distinct style, but casting it as limited repertoire would be wrong. It is a bit long. I wouldn't say tiring, just too much of the same, or not enough of something else. Assessed as a debut it's exciting and full of promise, with a couple of obvious pitfalls to avoid next time.

With their intimate chamber indie, Girl Ray display true musicianship and involvement in what they do. Songs like 'Don't Go Back at Ten' and 'A Few Months' are good examples of a typical duality: They show what the band can achieve when all stars align, and at the same time emphasise the necessity of good material. When the balance of performance and material is just right, Girl Ray are certainly good company.