Line 3



Released in 2017
Reviewed February 5 2018


Having grown up (properly) in the 1990's, I really don't need another po-faced grunge/indie revival.

But don't dismiss Girlpool yet! There's so much about them I like. They way they play is obviously similar to a lot of bands from back then. But for some reason it sounds more like two people stumbling on some instruments in the attic and finding their way to use them, than mere imitation. I like the way short songs sounds like full compositions. I like the overall sensation of vulnerability.

A good way to spend 28 minutes. And if you need a place to start (as if you don't have time to listen through the whole thing in one go): 40 seconds into 'Corner Store' Girlpool get tired of their own cuteness. Then they get tired of that reaction. It's smart. But luckily not too clever.

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