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Empress Of
I'm Your Empress Of


Released in 2020
Reviewed May 19 2020

I'm Your Empress Of

(Skipping the part that would follow up on choice of titles from the review of Us.)

Empress Of makes life-affirming pop, kind of. An edgy Rihanna if you like. Except she doesn't. Maybe she tried last time, but with this, her third and almost eponymous album, Empress-Of-as-producer makes a powerful return.

In the beginning you might look for a place to start, to get traction. 'Love Is A Drug' seems to stand out, almost as catchy a song as its title. I tend to like that approach to an album. Find somewhere familiar and comfortable and work from there. Sure, it works. But please don't look for catchy. Be amazed by how well made this album is. 

You may put this on in your car on a sunny day, but don't expect to be entertained. Listen on headphones and be captivated.

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