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Strange Creatures


Released in 2019
Reviewed February 27 2019

Strange Creatures

Why did Drenge release an EP just a few months ago, only to follow up with this rather short album? If too much material was an issue, they're certainly modest. The two releases clock in at 50 minutes total, not taking into account the fact that 'Autonomy' features on both.

So let's conjure up a much more elaborate story. Drenge are at a crossroads. To mark the end of the two-brothers-belting-it-out era (albeit with a little help), they needed to first establish the old with four songs pretty much summing up their achievements. The following album is then used, not solely to introduce the new Drenge, but to actually take us through the swift.

It's an album of two halves. Up until 'Teenage Love' (four songs), they're in usual power pop mode. From then on a new band enters the stage. And what band is that? Actually, it's the band left in Suede's skin (no pun intended) after Sci-Fi Lullabies. The band picking up the instruments and proceeding with the show after 'Europe Is Our Playground' has faded away. With Eoin now more focused on vocals due to an extended lineup, there's even a little Brett to be heard.

So: The band Suede could have become? Or the one Drenge shouldn't? I'm mostly convinced. They can't do much wrong.

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