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Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?


Released in 2019
Reviewed February 9 2019

Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

If you like your rock traditional but slightly off the beaten track, Deerhunter should be your favourite band. They probably are. And what's not to like? Pretty indie songs with just the perfect twist.

Impossible to dismiss completely, Deerhunter are still a mystery. How can music consisting of so many of the right ingredients become so uninspiring? If sounds like a paradox to you, I'll clarify: There's nothing wrong with the individual parts, or their mixture. It's the inspiration that's lacking. A sense that going through the motions could really matter.

(Irrespective of the general sentiment of this review, have a listen to 'Element'. 0:47 into that song Bradford Cox sounds exactly like Luke Haines. It's just a glimpse. Gone as quickly as it came.)

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