Line 3

Cloud Nothings
Life Without Sound


Released in 2017
Reviewed February 19 2017

Life Without Sound

I've had a soft spot for Cloud Nothings since 2012's Attack On Memory. Probably a longing for youth and simplicity, but mostly the result of a band doing the right things right.

What is a bit odd, however, listening to Life Without Sound, is that I even managed to hear those qualities. It's a type of insistent rock that needs a few spins before it sticks in your head. Riffs that sound like someone trying to cut down a tree with a teaspoon. But the production certainly didn't help.

The fog has lifted now. It's still a dense sound with plenty of electricity, but there's a fresh clarity in both songwriting and sonics. This is still no collection of radio hits from Dylan Baldi's crew. But it's more focused. Could I say the rough diamond has been cut? I guess I could.

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