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Cloud Nothings
Last Building Burning


Released in 2018
Reviewed November 1 2018

Last Building Burning

It's easy to think of Cloud Nothings' previous album Life Without Sound as a change of direction. Growing up. Hiring a producer with Death Cab for Cutie in his address book. Giving their rough diamond songs a proper polish. Many reactions even hinted they had lost their edge.

Sure, you could argue that, but you could also count it as expanding the horizon. Anyway, Last Building Burning is a return to the dogged intensity of yore, while still letting the odd tune shine through. I have to admit that while I do love the gritty parts, it all emerges to a higher level when there's a melodic frame to hang it all on.

But most of all, Cloud Nothings demonstrate their longevity. Their well seems properly filled, even now that they can actually claim a career. If you're new to the party, 'Offer An End' is a great place to start.

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