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British Sea Power
Open Season


Released in 2005
Reviewed April 4 2005

Open Season

British Sea Power stood behind what I found at the time to be 2003's best album, debut The Decline of British Sea Power. Now I've listened so much to it that it has no effect on me anymore, but it's still a great album.

For the sequel they've kept the prettiest pop moments and left the craziest punky proggy trips behind. As a result Open Season is more coherent and even, and at first listen more boring.

Over the summer I tried what I had long dreaded, playing Open Season directly after its predecessor. Interestingly, it did not feel like regression or pause in any way. On the contrary, the dominant impression was of a band taking a step forward, maturing.

Open Season is not as insistent as their debut, but all the more sturdy for it. In other words, British Sea Power have yet again given us a highlight of the year.

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