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British Sea Power
Let The Dancers Inherit The Party


Released in 2017
Reviewed April 20 2017

Let The Dancers Inherit The Party

It's no secret that British Sea Power are among my favourites. So rather than question the top rating, see it as a fulfillment of duty. BSP generally make very good albums, with a few exceptions. When they make a great one, there's really no way around it.

After a few years spent doing all sorts of typically weird BSP activities—a period which in hindsight might be construed as liberation—they finally gathered for an album proper. They even made their fans pay for it upfront. Money well spent, if you ask me. (Not even counting badge and coaster.)

What makes this stand out is the sheer percentage of great songs. It just sounds easy, which probably means somebody has taken the trouble to think things out. It sounds great, too. Again, apparently effortless and probably not without considerable effort.

Ignoring intro and outro (the latter actually disguised as a song) there's maybe two songs that are not top class, they're only very good. 'Saint Jerome' and 'Want To Be Free' if you really need to know. The rest is prime BSP: energetic in a subdued manner, extraordinarily ordinary and positively drenched in emotion. Six straight gems from single 'Bad Bohemian' to 'Electrical Kittens'. A winning streak if you ever needed one.

So, a no-brainer. All-hearter? OK, I'll stop.

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