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Everything That Makes You Happy


Released in 2019
Reviewed November 10 2019

Everything That Makes You Happy

You need a bit of pop in your life. Music that—although it might not attempt to change the world—is uplifting and bright. Or, as Blaenavon might phrase it, the words don't change, but the song's never gonna be the same.

Blaenavon's second album carries pop's brightness proudly, along with a darkness that's not easily heard, but adds to the package in more subtle ways. Equal parts clever and natural songwriting. Knowing it was recorded as frontman Ben Gregory was building up (or is that down?) to a mental breakdown is not crucial, but certainly interesting.

So what is everything that supposedly makes us happy? Singing a beautiful melody and wrapping it as an indie anthem, some unfashionable guitar sounds and making it all sound like the most obvious thing you've never heard before.