Line 3

black midi


Released in 2019
Reviewed June 25 2019


There's no explanation or description to apply to this album without doing it a huge disservice. Not that it's impossible to capture in words. You would probably have to use the word 'fusion'. A series of 'X meets Y'. Because it's definitely not one thing. Led Zeppelin dissolving into math rock. Punk attacking prog by being prog. You could call it ugly, if you like. (I recall an article trying to make adults understand why they could never understand Skrillex.)

The point here being not that you couldn't describe it as such. But that any description would make it sound like the most pretentious drivel ever recorded. And it's not.

Black midi is probably not the best band name. Or is it? Black is definitely the right colour. And midi is a music-related term that sounds difficult, but doesn't have to be. Deep within the chaos there's a beating heart and a band just trying to express whatever floats by.

There a wonderful live recording on YouTube, by the way: