Line 3

Amber Arcades
Fading Lines


Released in 2016
Reviewed October 25 2016

Fading Lines

To me the term dream pop has always had a double meaning. First, it has a dreamy quality. Second, it's the sort of pop you dream of. I guess the former is the correct one, but I still can't escape the latter.

Now, Amber Arcades clearly make dream pop. The sort of hazy, strolling sound that seems to emerge from thin air, and is just as light. The blonde sister of an older shoegaze brother.

Most of the time, it's just dreamlike. But then, bang! The title track is very good, but 'I Will Follow' is just pure pop gold. An earworm if there ever was one. The kind dreams are made of.

It's annoying that moments like that don't happen consistently throughout the album. But credit's due and all that.