Line 3



Released in 2017
Reviewed September 27 2017


If an album is to be judged solely on the basis of its best song, Antisocialites is a true classic. Not instantly, but a few listens to 'In Undertow' and you start moving your shoulders and nodding your head in strange ways. It's a pop song like any other, unlike any other. That's good pop for you.

Then 'Dreams Tonite'. A prime example of how dull «perfect pop» and «icy cool» can sound when that intention is all you've got.

The rest of the album lingers in this space, occasionally touching greatness, with ultimate daftness lurching in the shadows. A very Cardigans-esque position, really. Luckily, as long as they maintain a certain edge, it's mostly in the good-to-great end of the spectrum.

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